iPhone 13 Pro Max Phone Cases

Premium iPhone 13 Pro Max phone cases made with animal-free and ethically sourced materials.

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Fashionable cases, wallets, pouches and more. All compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max.

At IDEAL OF SWEDEN, we are proud to present premium and luxurious phone accessories that focus on creative innovation and functionality - inspired by the latest fashion trends and interior design. All of our accessories are created in our Stockholm studios and are carefully designed to bring out unique and personal styles, prints and textures. You can find cases, wallets, pouches, and more amongst our products. 

Our phone accessories are fully compatible with the iPhone Pro Max model, made to flawlessly fit and protect the 6,7-inch screen and upper notch. All cases have an elegant frame cover that encloses around the triple-lens camera and offers a slim fit to protect your device without the bulk. Made from flexible yet durable plastic, and with an exclusive, soft inner lining, these cases effectively protect your iPhone 13 Pro Max from dents and scratches. 

For a personalised look, why not mix and match your iPhone 13 Pro Max with IDEAL OF SWEDEN´S, wallets, clutches and pouches, available in a variety of designs and patterns. Add one of our compatible Qi chargers, power banks or charging cables to ensure your unique creation stays charged all day long. For maximum comfort and convenience, we also offer accessories of attraction feature, allowing you to easily connect your phone to our car and ring mounts. Complete your phone with our scratch-resistant screen protector