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Phone Accessories available in a variety of designs inspired by the latest fashion trends.

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Trendy Phone accessories inspired by the latest fashion trends

At IDEAL OF SWEDEN you will find the phone accessories that will give you that sensational feeling of everyday luxury. Focusing on functionality, simplicity, and modern design, we at IDEAL OF SWEDEN have the mobile accessories to make your life easier with a trend-conscious finesse. In our range of supplements for your phone, you will find mobile holders to put in your car, magnetic ring mounts, magnetic cardholders, and screen protectors. All products are made of carefully selected materials in high quality to give you a product of luxurious charm.

Embrace and enhance your personality with matching sets in your favorite patterns and color schemes. Or why not mix and match them to create a new unique and personal combination? You have all the possibilities in our large selection of accessories in different patterns and colors. To top it off, most of our products complement each other and are designed to be attached to each other combining exclusivity with practical use. All thanks to the smart design of built-in magnets in our unique concept Accessories of Attraction.

As the attachments on our mobile holders and cardholders are magnetic, they are very easy to remove and put on, which makes them practical aids for gilding your needs efficiently. Order our magnetic cardholders for the perfect solution when you do not want to carry around a large wallet and just want to bring your most important cards onto your phone. Do not miss out on our car mounts if you are a car owner. The different brackets can be mounted on the car's vent, dashboard, or window. But why stop there? You can also bring our mounts with you and use them elsewhere. Use the ring mount as a stand or place a car mount on the desk at home when you study, on your office desk, dressing table, mirror/ wall when you exercise from home, or why not on the kitchen wall to easily follow recipes whilst cooking. At IDEAL OF SWEDEN, you will only find solutions. We are your helping hand and have the accessories for your phone and for you who are looking for an exclusive and practical lifestyle.